Timely advice on enjoying sports in the sun

Cyclist in hot weather

July 2013 has been super-summery so far, with many parts of the UK basking in the hottest weather in recent memory. After enduring many long, cold winters and wet summers over the last few years, the overwhelming urge to venture outdoors during a rare prolonged heatwave is understandable.

But let’s not forget how easy it is to under-estimate the risks associated with hot weather – particularly if you’re into any kind of sport or follow an exercise/fitness regime. Any type of physical activity helps promote a healthier lifestyle, but it’s far too easy to get caught out by the sheer power of the sun. Heat exhaustion can quickly lead to heatstroke, so it’s important to be sensible and stay safe whilst exercising during hot weather.

Today’s blog post then is a timely reminder of key points to keep in mind if you’re planning any type of physical activity during hot weather.

Remember to:

  • Stay well hydrated and consider isotonic drinks
  • Regularly apply a good sunblock
  • Wear a hat and loose clothing
  • Workout early in the morning or later in the evening when it’s cooler
  • Maintain a normal diet to help replace salt losses from sweating
  • Be sensible and know your physical limits

Prolonged spells of hot weather in the UK are few and far between, so most importantly:

Enjoy it. Safely. (while it lasts)

Happy exercising!

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