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Stopwatch Dictionary: Displays

If you’ve browsed around our website, you’ll have undoubtedly come across stopwatches described as having a “single display“, “dual display“, “triple display” or even a “quad display“. If you’ve never purchased a stopwatch before, or have only ever used basic stopwatches, this terminology may be confusing.

So, what do we mean by a “triple display” stopwatch, for example?

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Hands on with the Fastime 01 Stopwatch

Fastime 01 stopwatch - hands on!

Fastime 01 stopwatch – hands on!


  • Single display
  • One/two fast finish
  • Alarm
  • Time
  • Lanyard
  • Range of case colours


The Fastime 01 is a single display stopwatch – with one row (or line) of digits across its digital display. This ’01’ has no lap memory and aims to be a basic, great value, general purpose stopwatch. Uniquely, the Fastime 01 is the only stopwatch in the Fastime range to feature six different case colours (black, blue, red, yellow, white and green).

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