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New! Rechargeable Stopwatches and Speed Trackers!

Great news! We now stock a new range of rechargeable stopwatches and speed trackers!

Rechargeable Stopwatches - Designed for schools - Set of 12 - 3 Timing Modes

Designed specifically for school/classroom use, the new Rechargeable Stopwatches, Rechargeable Ultimate Stopwatches and Rechargeable Speed Tracker sets are an excellent way to get groups of school children familiar with the basic principles of timing and the calculation of average speed. Ideal for use in mathematics, science and PE lessons.

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New Seiko timing equipment now available

Seiko products now available

Great news!

You can now order professional Seiko sports stopwatches via our website!

Seiko are one of the world’s leading names in sports timing. Having produced their first mechanical watch more than 110 years ago, Seiko have a long history and an excellent track record for producing top quality, precision timepieces and timing systems.

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Hands on with the Quantum 866 Mechanical Stopwatch

Quantum 866 Mechanical Stopwatch

Quantum 866 Mechanical Stopwatch


  • 0.2 second timing
  • 60 second / 60 minute
  • Combined start/stop/winder
  • Reset button
  • Shock resistant
  • 13 jewel level mechanical movement
  • Polished steel
  • Presentation box


The Quantum 866 is the first mechanical stopwatch available from our store, Saturn Stopwatches. The 866 is supplied in a nice presentation box that can be used to store the stopwatch when not in use. The stopwatch itself offers timing to 1/5th of a second, with a large 60 second dial and a smaller 60 minute dial inset on its face.

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