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The new Saturn Stopwatches website is here!

New Saturn Stopwatches Website

Have you visited the Saturn Stopwatches website recently?

If so, you will have noticed some changes!

That’s right, we’ve completely refreshed the site and made it easier than ever before to find a stopwatch that’s right for you. You’ll still be able to buy the same great stopwatches from Seiko, Fastime and Quantum, but we’ve modernised the look and layout to make it fresh and fully mobile and tablet friendly.

We’d love to hear what you think to the new website – so please let us know.

The First Stopwatches in Space

This post was updated 14th April 2014.

Speedmaster Stopwatch

Did You Know?

The Omega Speedmaster wristwatch picks up the honour of being one of the first stopwatches in space? 

In fact, it was also the first stopwatch on the moon and even now this model is still used in spaceflight by NASA. 

Today, we’ll look at the fascinating history of the Omega Speedmaster – one of the first stopwatches in space and first on the moon!

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New! Rechargeable Stopwatches and Speed Trackers!

Great news! We now stock a new range of rechargeable stopwatches and speed trackers!

Rechargeable Stopwatches - Designed for schools - Set of 12 - 3 Timing Modes

Designed specifically for school/classroom use, the new Rechargeable Stopwatches, Rechargeable Ultimate Stopwatches and Rechargeable Speed Tracker sets are an excellent way to get groups of school children familiar with the basic principles of timing and the calculation of average speed. Ideal for use in mathematics, science and PE lessons.

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Stopwatches – The Educational Swiss Army Knife?

Used for time management during lessons and exams or cross curricular activities such as Science, Maths and PE, stopwatches are a vital tool for education.

They’re also useful for maintaining pace in lessons, helping your students stay focused and developing time management skills. Lessons of any length can be divided up into shorter sections or tasks. If your students are aware of the timing, they can often work towards a goal and focus their attentions on a specific project. You can also keep track of the time you’re spending on actual lessons or helping students on a one-to-one basis.

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New Seiko timing equipment now available

Seiko products now available

Great news!

You can now order professional Seiko sports stopwatches via our website!

Seiko are one of the world’s leading names in sports timing. Having produced their first mechanical watch more than 110 years ago, Seiko have a long history and an excellent track record for producing top quality, precision timepieces and timing systems.

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Hands on with the Fastime 22 Solar Assisted Stopwatch

The solar assisted Fastime 22 stopwatch

Fastime 22 – solar assisted stopwatch


  • Solar panel
  • One/Two Fast Finish
  • Curved screen
  • Single display
  • Time, date and alarm
  • Vibrant yellow, rugged case


The Fastime 22 is unique to our line up of stopwatches. At the time of writing this ‘hands on’, it is the only stopwatch currently available from our online store that boasts a solar panel.

This zero memory, single display stopwatch offers timing up to 12 hours (1/100th second for the first 30 minutes, then in one second increments thereafter) and a One/Two Fast Finish function. Other features include time (12 hour or 24 hour), day, date and an alarm.

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Stopwatch Dictionary: Pacer

A common feature on more advanced stopwatches is the “pacer mode”, but just what is the pacer function and why would you need this type of capability on a stopwatch?

Pacer Mode on a Quantum Stopwatch

Running time, count of paces, and the current pace rate (10 beeps per min)

The pacer function is used to help regulate the speed of an activity. Using a regular audible beep at a preset interval, the pacer helps the user to maintain a consistent rhythm and can be used to help increase their performance or strengthen stamina.

The pacer mode is useful training aid used across a wide variety of sports. A cyclist may wish to target the number of pedal revolutions per minute, a rower the number of strokes per minute or help a runner set their pace.

Pacers can often be set to beep between 5 times a minute, right up to 320 times a minute, with varying increments in between, depending on the stopwatch. Many stopwatches will also keep a running total of the number of beeps or ‘paces’ that have occurred in the current timing session.

You can view our range of pacer stopwatches on our website at Saturn Stopwatches.

Hands on with the Quantum 866 Mechanical Stopwatch

Quantum 866 Mechanical Stopwatch

Quantum 866 Mechanical Stopwatch


  • 0.2 second timing
  • 60 second / 60 minute
  • Combined start/stop/winder
  • Reset button
  • Shock resistant
  • 13 jewel level mechanical movement
  • Polished steel
  • Presentation box


The Quantum 866 is the first mechanical stopwatch available from our store, Saturn Stopwatches. The 866 is supplied in a nice presentation box that can be used to store the stopwatch when not in use. The stopwatch itself offers timing to 1/5th of a second, with a large 60 second dial and a smaller 60 minute dial inset on its face.

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