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Stopwatch Dictionary: Pacer

A common feature on more advanced stopwatches is the “pacer mode”, but just what is the pacer function and why would you need this type of capability on a stopwatch?

Pacer Mode on a Quantum Stopwatch

Running time, count of paces, and the current pace rate (10 beeps per min)

The pacer function is used to help regulate the speed of an activity. Using a regular audible beep at a preset interval, the pacer helps the user to maintain a consistent rhythm and can be used to help increase their performance or strengthen stamina.

The pacer mode is useful training aid used across a wide variety of sports. A cyclist may wish to target the number of pedal revolutions per minute, a rower the number of strokes per minute or help a runner set their pace.

Pacers can often be set to beep between 5 times a minute, right up to 320 times a minute, with varying increments in between, depending on the stopwatch. Many stopwatches will also keep a running total of the number of beeps or ‘paces’ that have occurred in the current timing session.

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