Monthly Archives: October 2013

Don’t forget… the clocks go back this weekend!

Spring forward, fall back

SundialIt’s that time of year when we gain an extra hour here in the UK. On Sunday 27th October 2013, British Summer Time (BST) ends and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) – perhaps more commonly known in this country as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) begins.

But why do we change the clocks forward and back each year? Today we’ll take a trip through time and look at the history of daylight savings.

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Stopwatches – The Educational Swiss Army Knife?

Used for time management during lessons and exams or cross curricular activities such as Science, Maths and PE, stopwatches are a vital tool for education.

They’re also useful for maintaining pace in lessons, helping your students stay focused and developing time management skills. Lessons of any length can be divided up into shorter sections or tasks. If your students are aware of the timing, they can often work towards a goal and focus their attentions on a specific project. You can also keep track of the time you’re spending on actual lessons or helping students on a one-to-one basis.

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