Hands on with the Fastime 01 Stopwatch

Fastime 01 stopwatch - hands on!

Fastime 01 stopwatch – hands on!


  • Single display
  • One/two fast finish
  • Alarm
  • Time
  • Lanyard
  • Range of case colours


The Fastime 01 is a single display stopwatch – with one row (or line) of digits across its digital display. This ’01’ has no lap memory and aims to be a basic, great value, general purpose stopwatch. Uniquely, the Fastime 01 is the only stopwatch in the Fastime range to feature six different case colours (black, blue, red, yellow, white and green).

Hands On

After taking it out of its packaging, the first thing you’ll notice about the Fastime 01 is how light it feels in your hand. Weighing just 37g (including neck strap), the symmetrical contoured plastic case allows you to firmly hold the stopwatch in either hand. As with most Fastime stopwatches, it’s ready to use out-of-the-box, so it’s hard to resist the urge to immediately start pressing buttons. Instructions are included however for those with more willpower than myself.

Pressing the Mode button starts the Fastime 01’s stopwatch function. After pressing the Start/Stop button, a quiet beep indicates the stopwatch has begun timing. With a second press, the Fastime 01 duly stops leaving the time held on the display for reference. Pressing the Split/Reset button then zeroes the counter, putting it ready to start timing again. Alternatively, the Start/Stop button could be pressed once more to resume timing (allowing time-outs or stoppages to be easily handled with just one button). The stopwatch will time up to 24 hours, timing 1/100th of a second for the first 30 minutes, then in one second increments thereafter.

The Fastime 01 can also take a split or lap time. Pressing the Start/Stop button, followed by the Split/Reset button will display the split time. The Fastime 01 continues to count in the background and to revert back to the running time, another tap of Split/Reset button is all that’s required.

The basic stopwatch functionality on the Fastime 01 is easy to use, making it excellent for children and adults alike, or ideal when all that’s required is a simple digital timer. As the ’01’ doesn’t have any lap memory on-board it’s best suited to timing events such as football matches, for use in basic training or just as a general use stopwatch.

All three buttons on this stopwatch give a small responsive click when pressed, reassuring you that the required action has indeed been undertaken and helping you keep your eye on the action, rather than the stopwatch at critical moments! The Fastime 01 can also display the time of day, day of week and date (day/month) and has a useful alarm function. Another useful feature is the “one/two fast finish” function that allows you to record two times in quick succession.


An entry level stopwatch, the Fastime 01 offers a basic range of features. The ’01’ is an inexpensive, no-frills digital timer, best suited for those looking for an uncomplicated stopwatch that simply aims to get the job done.

6 thoughts on “Hands on with the Fastime 01 Stopwatch

    1. Saturn Sports Post author

      Ian, try the following…

      With the current time displayed on the screen, hold down the Select button and then press the Mode button just once. When you do this, the small bars shown under the days of the week should all disappear and the beeps should now be turned off.

      You can check whether hourly beeps are currently set to on/off by holding down the Select button in time mode. If all the days of the week light up, beeps will be on. If they don’t, it’s off. Simply toggle it on/off using the Mode button as above.

      I hope this helps.

    1. Saturn Sports Post author

      Hi Neil,

      To turn the alarm on/off on the Fastime 01…

      With the time of day displayed on the screen, press and hold down the left (Select) button. Then you can use the middle button to turn the hourly chimes on/off, whilst the right hand button (Start/Stop/Set), will toggle the alarm on/off (the alarm symbol in the corner of the screen will disappear/reappear).

      This same sequence will work on a number of Fastime (but not all) models.

      I hope this helps.

      Many thanks,


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